Born in Milan, moves to Brussels to study at the Koninklijk Conservatorium, where he meets many musicians from different countries.

After his Bachelor degree moves to Zhuhai (China) for one year as a performer and teacher for Golden Jazz management, having the opportunity to perform with several musicians from the Chinese scene.

He performs as a sideman in very different contexts from traditional to more modern and experimental jazz, but also Flamenco and “Chanson Française” in venues like Brugge Jazz Festival, Beishan Jazz Festival, Marni Jazz Festival, etc.

Between his most recent collaborations the new project from Stéphane Galland “(The mystery of) Kem” his own project “The AwkWords” (with Hendrik Lasure on piano and Paul Berne on drums), both due to album release in 2018.

In August 2017 his band “The AwkWords” was awarded with the First Prize in the Mechelen JazzContest for the best upcoming jazz group.

Toots Jazz Award 2018.